Coach Alex: gold medal, A rating!

Morris Fencing is proud to announce that our coach Alex Kuznetsov won the GOLD medal at the SFC Open and 2017-18 TRI-STATE VET’s SABER CUP. He also earned an A2017 Rating! Congratulations!

Alex (Oleksii) Kuznetsov is a coach with 30 years of fencing experience. He has represented Ukraine and the Soviet Union in the World Championships and many international tournaments.

In 1994, Alexey earned a Master’s degree in both Physical Education and Fencing from the Ukrainian University of Physical Education and Sports. He trained several Cadet, Junior & Senior Champions in various countries.

Alex Kuznetsov continues to compete and win medals on the United States veteran’s competitions. He is a regular North American Cup medalist with a Bronze Medal in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Veterans NAC 40-49 Mens Sabre events.


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